Sikorsky MH-60L Black Hawk

This model is a version of S-70 H-60

c/n 70-1657

Helicopter Sikorsky MH-60L Black Hawk Serial 70-1657 Register 91-26360 used by US Army Aviation. Aircraft history


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usa 91-26360
US Army Aviation
US Army, 1/160 SOAR
usa 91-26360
US Army Aviation
1991, was a UH-60L modified as a MH-60L. Spent the next 25 years assigned to the 160th SOAR (A)
Sep16, it was divested from the active roles and donated to the Pratt Museum on Ft. Campbell, KY
The MH modifications were removed and the aircraft is now displayed in front of the new Headquarters Building of the 101st Airborne Division

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