Boeing-Vertol YHC-1B / YCH-47A

This model is a version of CH-47 Chinook

c/n b-005

Year 1962

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol YHC-1B / YCH-47A Serial b-005 Register 59-04986 used by US Army Aviation. Built 1962. Aircraft history


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usa 59-04986
US Army Aviation
Vertol Model 114 c/n B-005, ff?
roll-out unk
bailed to Vertol for flight testing
del US Army as YHC-1B, 59-04986 29Aug63
admin SOC 11Apr75
transferred to Fort Eustis, Virginia, and utilized as a sheet metal training aid for maintenance personnel learning to become structural repairmen. At some point, 59-04986 was transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia to under-go restoration as museum exhibit. As of 28Feb06, the last known location of 59-04986 was at Fort Benning, Georgia. Aircraft status: Under-going restoration.

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