Bell 206B-2 Jet Ranger

This model is a version of 206

c/n 805

Year 1972

Helicopter Bell 206B-2 Jet Ranger Serial 805 Register C-GAHP N2959W used by L R Helicopters Great Slave Helicopters Mustang Helicopters Canadian Helicopters Ltd Okanagan Helicopters. Built 1972. Aircraft history and location


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Oct14-Sep15 for sale Bell 206BIII 1972. 4 passenger, Cargo hook, cargo mirror, AA high skid gear, flight steps, baggage, cabin door opener, chin bubble windows and crew wedge windows, passenger wedge windows, auto relight, preflight step & handle, LS & RS maintenance steps, DART bear paws, nicad external oil filter, auxiliary A/F fuel filter, Rilpa range extender, rain gutters, water bucket power provisions, AHL bleed air heat, Casey Shroud heat, particle separators, BHT rain gutters, Concorde RG-206 battery.

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