AgustaWestland AW139

c/n 41291

Year 2012

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 41291 Register N385MD used by State of Maryland. Built 2012. Aircraft history and location


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usa State of Maryland

2013-03MSP Maryland State Police d/d Mar13 MSP
2013-03-13 27 AKMTN - Baltimore, Maryland
2013-11-26BKSBY - Salisbury, Maryland
2014-09-14CKFDK - Frederick, Maryland
2015-04-09AKMTN - Baltimore, Maryland
2015-08-26DKCBE - Cumberland, Maryland
2016-09-27EKPNE - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2019-03-15 TRP1 Baltimore, Maryland
2019-08-10 TRP4 Norfolk, Virginia
2019-08-20 TRP4 Baltimore, Maryland
2019-09-29 Morgantown, West Virginia
2019-09-30 TRP5 Baltimore, Maryland
2020-01-08 TRP4 Virginia Beach, Virginia
2020-01-21 TRP4 Sparrows Point, Maryland
2020-07-05 TRP6 Baltimore, Maryland

Call sign for this aircraft: TPR17 TRP1 TRP17 TRP2 TRP3 TRP4 TRP5 TRP6 TRP7

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