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  • Piasecki H-21D

    This model is a version of H-21

    c/n B-167

    Year 1958

    Helicopter Piasecki H-21D Serial B-167 Register 57-2610 used by US Air Force USAF. Built 1958. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Air Force

    Piasecki H-21B Vertol V-42A, cn B-167, ff:?
    ordered by USAF as H-21B 57-2610, but retained by Vertol as H-21D, for gas turbine engine tests, 1958-1960. Single Wright R-1820 Cyclone engine replaced by two Lycoming T-53 gas turbines. Upon test completion, reverted to piston engine and del USAF as UH-21B, 57-2610, Oct62.
    1976-00-00AKABQThis H-21B was not part of the H-21D gas turbine test conversion but was a payback to the USAF for 53-4370 which did have the test T-53 conversion. This machine, 57-2610 served with the 3510 Combat Crew Training Wing at Randolph AFB from 30/12/1957, later with the 3635 Flying Training (Advanced) Wing at Stead AFB in August 1958, then to Davis Monthan on September 1965 and subsequently to Hill AFB where it was re-designated as a GCH-21B in March 1974
    last recorded at Kirtland AFB with the 1550 Aircrew training and Test Wing in 1976, nothing known since then, assumed scrapped?

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