MBB Bk117B-1

This model is a version of Bk117

c/n 7164

Year 1988

Helicopter MBB Bk117B-1 Serial 7164 Register D-HBHG D-HDDD D-HMBB I-HBHG S-716 used by MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH MBB Elilario Italia Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) DRF Luftrettung (German air rescue) UAE Government. Built 1988. Aircraft history


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united arab emirates S-716
UAE Government
?, to D-HBHG
germany D-HBHG
FR Le Bourget ( jun-91 )
MBB, Jun91 at Paris air show, France
germany D-HBHG
MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH
MHS ambulance Aug93
germany D-HBHG
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
MBB Bk117B-2
Eurocopter Germany 1996, conv to B2 type
italy D-HBHG
Elilario Italia
Elilario Italia 1999
italy I-HBHG
Elilario Italia
Elilario, to D-HMBB
italy I-HBHG
Elilario Italia
IT Scalea ( 29-apr-07 )
Scalea Airshow 2007
italy D-HMBB
Elilario Italia
For D-HMBB see also:
        bk117c-1 c/n 7531
        ec145 c/n 9625
    1970 105a c/n S-4
    1983 bk117a1 c/n 7007
    2003 bk117c-1 c/n 7545
    2016 ec145 c/n 9700
Elilario Italia, noted Oct07
germany D-HDDD
DRF Luftrettung
For D-HDDD see also:
        bk117a1 c/n 7008
    1967 Sioux c/n wa379
DRF May08
germany D-HDDD
DRF Luftrettung
MBB Bk117B-2
Dec12 type:B-2 Christoph Weser

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