Eurocopter EC135P2+

This model is a version of EC135

c/n 0591

Year 2007

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 0591 Register N135TZ N885AL XA-HSE used by Bristow US Llc Metro Aviation Air Logistics Med Trans Corp State of Oregon Heliservicio Campeche. Built 2007. Aircraft history

  • Eurocopter EC135P2+ c/n 0591
  • Eurocopter EC135P2+ c/n 0591


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usa N135TZ
Air Logistics
Air Logistics Aug07-Apr08
mexico XA-HSE
Heliservicio Campeche
Heliservicio Campeche 2008-2014
usa N135TZ
Bristow US Llc
Bristow Aug/Oct 2014
usa N135TZ
Metro Aviation
Metro Aviation Nov14-Dec15
usa N885AL
Metro Aviation
For N885AL see also:
        222ut c/n 47552
    1985 222ut c/n 47542
    2005 ec145 c/n 9067
Metro Aviation from Jan16
usa N885AL
Med Trans Corp
Med Trans Corp for AirLink CCT 2017
usa N885AL
State of Oregon
AirLink CCT Critical Care Transport at Bend, Oregon op by Med Trans

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