Robinson R22 Beta II

This model is a version of R22

c/n 2852

Year 1998 to 2004

Helicopter Robinson R22 Beta II Serial 2852 Register D-HUBS D-HUPS G-JRBH used by Heli Transair (heli Built 1998. Aircraft history and location


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IDNew Layout    
from 1998 to 2000 toward D-HUBS
germany D-HUBS
Heli Transair
Heli Transair ex G-JRBH
12nov04 w/o
germany D-HUPS
Heli Transair
For D-HUPS see also:
    2001 beta II c/n 3195
sep13 DE Frankfurt Egelsbach Nowadays preserved at Egelsbach with fake serial D-HUPS

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