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  • Eurocopter EC225LP

    This model is a version of Super Puma/Cougar

    c/n 2849

    Year 2012

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC225LP Serial 2849 Register N576AC G-ZZSK used by Air Center Helicopters ACHI ,Milestone Aviation ,Bristow. Built 2012. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC225LP Serial 2849 Register N576AC G-ZZSK used by Air Center Helicopters ACHI ,Milestone Aviation ,Bristow. Built 2012. Aircraft history and location
    By Zane S. Adams

    Eurocopter EC225LP BHL201A  flight track ads-b


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    united kingdom Bristow

    2012-10Bristow Oct12-May18
    2014-02-22AEGPD - Aberdeen, Scotland
    2015-03-20AEGPD - Aberdeen, Scotland
    2016-01-08AEGPD - Aberdeen, Scotland
    2017-10-09AEGPD - Aberdeen, Scotland


    ireland Milestone Aviation


    2018-06Vertical Aviation No1 Llc at Columbus, OH from Jun18
    usa Air Center Helicopters


    2018-11-09 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2018-12Air Center Helicopters by Dec18
    2018-12-07 BHL201A Cleburne, Texas
    2019-01-16BKFWS departing Spinks Airport, Fort Worth, TX

    2019-01-17 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2019-01-20 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas

    2019-02-10 BHL201A Tyler, Texas
    2019-02-21 BHL201A Columbia, South Carolina
    2019-03-01 BHL201A Ennis, Texas
    2019-04-12 BHL201A Tucson, Arizona
    2019-04-15 BHL201A Athens, Texas
    2019-05-14 Huntsville, Alabama
    BHL201A Calhoun, Georgia
    2019-05-20 BHL201A Arlington, Texas
    2019-06-14 BHL201A Lawrenceville, Georgia
    BHL201A Guntersville, Alabama
    BHL201A Dallas, Texas
    2019-06-17 BHL201A Marana, Arizona
    2019-06-22 BHL201A Socorro, New Mexico
    2019-07-12 BHL201A Tucson, Arizona
    BHL201A Scottsdale, Arizona
    2019-07-15 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2019-08-04 BHL201A Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2019-08-11 BHL201A Mineral Wells, Texas
    2019-09CMYNN Hurricane Dorian under contract with GMR for relief support in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian GMR Sent Super Pumas to Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian
    Sep19 supporting Strategic Response Partners (SRP) teams in Bahamas in evaluation impact of massive oil spill due to the Hurricane Dorian EC225 in Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian
    2019-09-03 BHL201A Panama City, Florida
    Ennis, Texas
    2019-09-04 Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida
    2019-09-12 Hollywood, Florida
    2019-09-20 BHL201A Winter Haven, Florida
    Panama City, Florida
    2019-09-27 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2019-10-22 BHL201A Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2019-10-31 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2019-11-05 BHL201A Mount Pleasant, Texas
    BHL201A Anderson, South Carolina
    2019-11-08 BHL201A Guntersville, Alabama
    BHL201A Anderson, South Carolina
    2019-11-12 BHL201A Newark, Texas
    2019-11-21 BHL201A Merritt Island, Florida
    Pensacola, Florida
    2019-12-07 BHL201A Jasper, Georgia
    2019-12-15 BHL201A Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-01-23 BHL201A Cleburne, Texas
    2020-02-05 Tucson, Arizona
    2020-02-12 Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-02-24 Tucson, Arizona
    San Diego, California
    2020-02-28 Gila Bend, Arizona
    Imperial, California
    2020-02-29 Mineral Wells, Texas
    2020-03-16 Fayette, Alabama
    2020-03-21 Lancaster, Texas
    Cleveland, Mississippi
    Guntersville, Alabama
    Greenville, South Carolina
    2020-04-14 Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2020-06-08 Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-06-21 Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-06-22 Belén, New Mexico
    2020-06-25 Yavapai County, Arizona
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2020-07-02 Prescott, Arizona
    2020-07-03 Grandview, Texas
    2020-08-03 Marana, Arizona
    2020-08-08 Belén, New Mexico
    2020-08-14 Mineral Wells, Texas
    2020-09-21 Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-09-27 Anderson, South Carolina
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Winona, Mississippi
    Terrell, Texas
    2020-10-01 Austell, Georgia
    Anderson, South Carolina
    2020-10-13 Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-11-19 Fort Worth, Texas
    2020-12-06 Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Mineral Wells, Texas
    2020-12-07 Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2020-12-16 Mineral Wells, Texas
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    2021-02-09 Grandview, Texas
    2021-02-16 Jackson, Mississippi
    Atlanta, Georgia
    2021-03-24 Fort Worth, Texas
    2021-04-14 Tucson, Arizona

    Call sign for this aircraft: BHL201A RAP745 RAP7705

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