Westland Wasp

c/n f.9578

Year 1964

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9578 Register XS567 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy). Built 1964. Aircraft history

Westland Wasp c/n f.9578


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united kingdom XS567
Fleet Air Arm
RNAY Fleetlands store by Jul 1964 to 1970
829Sq Gurkha Flt/444 by Jun 1970 still May 1975
829Sq Apollo Flt/470-AP by Oct 1976 until c Apr 1979
829Sq Diomede Flt/423 by Jun 1979
829Sq HQ Flt by Feb 1980
829Sq Apollo Flt/470-AP by Aug 1980 still Sep 1983
airfreighted to Belize to join 829Sq Active Flt/322 Aug 1984
829Sq Endurance Flt/434-E by Sep 1984
wfu Jun 1986, to AES Lee as A2719 by Jul 1986 until Sep 1992
pres. IWM Duxford (as /434-E) from Sep 1992.
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1986
united kingdom XS567
Fleet Air Arm
UK Duxford ( 13-jun-13 )
16jun13 preserved as /434-E HMS Endurance in the Sea and Air building at Imperial War Museum, Duxford

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