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  • Eurocopter EC135P2+

    This model is a version of EC135

    c/n 0706

    Year 2008

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 0706 Register N135CM used by Mercy Air ,MedFlight of Ohio ,Air Methods ,Hackensack UMC. Built 2008. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 0706 Register N135CM used by Mercy Air ,MedFlight of Ohio ,Air Methods ,Hackensack UMC. Built 2008. Aircraft history and location


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    usa State of New Jersey

    Jack Prewitt and Assoc at Bedford, TX Nov08-Nov12, test serial N706MF
    2012-08HackensackUMC, noted Apr12. Temporary, waiting for new N551HU Hackensack UMC
    usa Air Methods

    2012-11Air Methods from Nov12
    usa State of Ohio

    MedFlightOhio, noted Jan14 MedFlight of Ohio
    usa Mercy Air

    2016-01Mercy Air (Air Methods), noted Jan16
    Apr18 CHOC Children's

    2020-05-09 Palm Springs, California
    2020-06-08 Palm Springs, California
    2020-06-15 Oxnard, California
    Ocotillo Wells, California
    2020-06-18 Wickenburg, Arizona
    2020-06-19 Palm Springs, California
    2020-07-01 Phoenix, Arizona
    2020-07-03 Palm Springs, California
    2020-07-05 Las Vegas, Nevada
    Palm Springs, California
    2020-07-08 Las Vegas, Nevada
    2020-07-13 San Diego, California
    2020-07-20 Phoenix, Arizona
    2020-07-27 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2020-08-23 Glendale, Arizona
    2020-08-25 Borrego Springs, California
    2020-09-16 Glendale, Arizona
    2020-09-17 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2020-11-20 Rialto, California
    2020-12-06 Phoenix, Arizona
    San Diego, California
    2020-12-07 Buckeye, Arizona
    2020-12-08 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2020-12-20 Phoenix, Arizona
    2020-12-22 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2020-12-23 Phoenix, Arizona
    2020-12-24 Borrego Springs, California
    2020-12-25 Buckeye, Arizona
    2020-12-30 Borrego Springs, California
    2021-01-03 Chandler, Arizona
    2021-01-07 San Diego, California
    2021-01-12 Buckeye, Arizona
    2021-01-13 Palm Springs, California
    2021-01-18 Glendale, Arizona
    2021-01-21 Ocotillo Wells, California
    2021-02-20 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2021-03-25 San Diego, California
    2021-04-11 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-04-14 San Diego, California
    2021-04-28 Imperial, California
    2021-04-29 San Diego, California
    2021-05-05 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-05-06 San Diego, California
    2021-05-08 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    San Bernardino, California
    2021-06-05 Imperial, California
    2021-06-09 San Diego, California
    2021-06-18 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-06-19 San Diego, California
    2021-06-22 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    San Diego, California
    2021-07-03 Yuma, Arizona
    2021-07-04 San Diego, California
    2021-07-07 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-07-08 San Diego, California
    2021-07-17 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-07-18 San Diego, California
    2021-07-21 Yuma, Arizona
    2021-07-22 Hemet, California
    2021-08-21 Palm Springs, California
    2021-08-30 Glendale, Arizona
    Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-09-01 San Diego/El Cajon, California
    2021-09-03 Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona
    2021-09-11 San Diego, California
    2021-09-14 San Diego, California

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