Westland Wasp

c/n f.9613

Year 1966

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9613 Register XT443 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy). Built 1966. Aircraft history


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united kingdom XT443
Fleet Air Arm
60th Royal Navy Wasp HAS.1 built at Hayes, ff 29 Mar 1966 at Yeovil
dd 20 Apr 1966 to RNAY Fleetlands
829Sq Bacchante Flt/425 by Feb 1969 to c Jul 1969
829Sq Lowestoft Flt/452 Mar 1970 until damaged during heavy landing 17 Feb 1971
united kingdom XT443
Fleet Air Arm
Jun70-Feb71, I was the Flight Commander HMS Lowestoft and according to my logbook I had XT443 when damage was sustained to the tail cone during a cross deck landing requiring return to RN Aircraft Yard Flatlands for repair..
united kingdom XT443
Fleet Air Arm
UK Chickerell Accident ( 20-mar-72 )
repaired, to 703Sq by Aug 1971
829Sq Mohawk Flt/474-MO by Feb 1972 but damaged after in-flight engine failure 20 Mar 1972 nr Chickerell
united kingdom XT443
Fleet Air Arm
repaired, to 829 NAS Galatea Flt/461 by Dec 1974 until c Apr 1977
To RNAY Wroughton 1977 for storage and overhaul, completed 1981
To 829 NAS Aurora Flt/422 1981
Surplus to requirement 1993
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1993
UK Weston-super-Mare Exhibit ( jan-95 )
to Westland for storage
Donated to The Helicopter Museum, delivered Jan 1995, put in main collection in Nov 2002 after 5 year restoration
preserved THM Weston-super-Mare as /422-AU
UK Weston-super-Mare ( jul-08 )
12jul08 at the International Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare

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