Fairey Rotodyne

c/n f.9429

Year 1957 Scr 1962

Helicopter Fairey Rotodyne Serial f.9429 Register XE521 used by Westland Fairey Aviation. Built 1957. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom XE521
Fairey Aviation
built at Hayes, ff 6 Nov 1957. Project abandoned Feb 1962.
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1962
united kingdom XE521
Fairey Aviation
jun59 BE Allée Verte departed London Heathrow for Brussels Heliport, to collect Sabena executives, interested in operating the Rotodyne, and fly them to 23rd Paris Airshow at Le Bourget
united kingdom XE521
03mar61 UK London Heliport Noise trials Conducted noise assessment trials at Battersea with two standard approaches and take offs.
1965 UK Cranfield Some significant parts acquired by Cranfield, from , still there by Mar 1978.
1981 UK Weston-super-Mare Exhibit Some parts preserved at International Helicopter Museum, from .

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