Fairey Gyrodyne

c/n f.9420

Year 1947

Helicopter Fairey Gyrodyne Serial f.9420 Register XJ389 G-AJJP used by Fairey Aviation. Built 1947. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom Fairey Aviation

2nd prototype Gyrodyne airframe. Grounded when 1st airframe (G-AIKF) crashed 17 Apr 1949. Reg withdrawn Nov 1950.


united kingdom Fairey Aviation

early 1970s in central Southampton close to the Civic Centre for quite a few years
1994-06AMuseum of Berkshire Aviation Exhibit
Fairey Jet Gyrodyne Following signifcant design effort and manufacturing re-work after its grounding in 1949, emerged as a Jet Gyrodyne in Jan 1954. Allocated XD759 but this (like a number of others around this time) was duplicated with an existing Sabre F4, so re-allocated XJ389
To RAF Museum Cosford reserve collection by Jul 1979, still 1981
loan to Museum of Berkshire Aviation (Woodley) Jun 1994, still 2009, still 2018.

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