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  • Westland Wasp

    c/n f.9720

    Year 1968

    Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9720 Register N9720 XV625 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1968. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm


    1968-05RN d/d May68 829 Sq Phoebe Flt/471-PB Nov 1968 to Dec 1970, 829 Sq Phoebe Flt/471-PB Apr 1971 to Aug 1974
    1974AHMS Thunderer G I Airframe To RNEC Manadon as /471-PB by , 1976 still Mar 1978 until at least 1992
    1992AHMS Thunderer, this Wasp was at RNEC Manadon during my draft, she was used for blade tracking and engine testing for new Air Engineers. we maintained her in full ground running condition. She was the very last wasp to be functional in the Royal navy, departing Manadon for Gosport when Manadon closed in . During the closure of RNAS Portland she was loaned to the base as an exhibit, prior to this we mounted HMS Thunderer crests on each exhaust blank and had HMS Thunderer painted across the nose.
    To RNAS Culdrose early 1995
    to A2735 Lee-on-Solent by summer 1995
    to A2649 G.I. Gosport (wears 471 HMS Sultan, 2001)
    Sep13 declared to DSA for sale
    2014-10-2020oct14 on sale by MoD-Sales


    2017-07-2020jul17 purchased from MoD-Sales. To be transported to Hannibal, NY for restoration




    Reg N9720 Jan 2018

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