Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117

c/n 1002

Year 1983

Helicopter Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117 Serial 1002 Register VH-KIW ZK-HAW P2-HBO JA9589 used by HeliLink Heli Niugini Ltd Airwork NZ. Built 1983. Aircraft history and location


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Japan, cnvt. to A-1 type cnvt. to A-3 type to ZK-HAW
new zealand ZK-HAW
Airwork NZ
Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117A-3
Airwork type A-3 1995 -Feb05 to P2-HBO
papua new guinea P2-HBO
Heli Niugini Ltd
Papua New Guinea, type A-3 Feb05 - Mar06 to ZK-HAW
papua new guinea P2-HBO
Heli Niugini Ltd
Heli Niugini type A-3
new zealand ZK-HAW
HeliLink type A-3 Mar06 - Dec10 to VH-KIW
Australia, type A-3 from Dec10 to P2-HBO

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