Eurocopter EC135T2+

This model is a version of EC135

c/n 0956

Year 2010

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135T2+ Serial 0956 Register D-HECK TR-KCZ used by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) Force Aérienne Gabonaise (Gabonese Air Force). Built 2010. Aircraft history and location


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germany D-HECK
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HECK see also:
        EC635P2+ c/n 0812
        ec135p3 c/n 2041
    2000 ec135t1 c/n 0149
    2012 ec135p2+ c/n 1036
    2014 EC135P2+ c/n 1157
    2017 ec135t3 c/n 2028
DE Donauworth ( 2010 )
Eurocopter Germany, to TR-KCZ
gabon TR-KCZ
Force Aérienne Gabonaise
Force Aerienne Gabonais

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