Eurocopter EC135P1

This model is a version of ec135

c/n 0030

Year 1997

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P1 Serial 0030 Register D-HECM D-HECP D-HETZ D-HMVP F-WQEX used by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) Landespolizei (German Local Police) Eurocopter France. Built 1997. Aircraft history


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germany D-HECP
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HECP see also:
        EC635P2+ c/n 0780
    1999 EC135P1 c/n 0101
    2004 EC135T2 c/n 0348
DE Donauworth ( 1997 )
Eurocopter re registered to D-HETZ
germany D-HETZ
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
Eurocopter toward F-WQEX
france F-WQEX
Eurocopter France
For F-WQEX see also:
        as350b3 c/n 3428
    2005 as350b3 c/n 3934
Eurocopter 1999 - 2000 ex D-HETZ toward D-HECM
germany D-HECM
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HECM see also:
        EC635P2+ c/n 0529
    1998 EC135P1 c/n 0054
    2010 ec135p2+ c/n 0886
Eurocopter 2000 - 2001 cnvt to P2 type ex F-WQEX toward D-HMVP
germany D-HMVP
Landespolizei type:P2
Polizei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern PMV

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