Westland Dragonfly HR.1

C/N wa/h/009

Built 1949

Helicopter Westland Dragonfly HR.1 Serial wa/h/009 Register VX596 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1949. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

705Sq Jun 1950, 705Sq/710-GJ by Jul 1951
Warrior Flt Nov 1951
Glory Flt Jan 1952 to Apr 1952
Ocean Flt Jul 1952 to Dec 1952
conv HR.3

Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Centaur Flt/902-C Apr 1954 to Mar 1955
705Sq/535 by Mar 1956
conv HR.5 c Mar 1957.

Westland Dragonfly HR.5 Eagle Flt/974-J by Aug 1957
705Sq/532 by Nov 1957
Ford Stn Flt/923-FD by Apr 1958, crashed 7 May 1958 to A2465
1969 A Staravia yard Breakers Yard to Arbroath (A2465) by Jun 1958, soc Oct 1959, still 1963
to Lasham dump by 1964
to Staravia scrapyard by

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