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    c/n 20020

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2 Serial 20020 Register VH-HPL ZK-ITF used by Australia Air Ambulances CareFlight New South Wales ,Advanced Flight. Aircraft history and location


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    For ZK-ITF see also:
            ec135p2 c/n 0195
        2007 ec145 c/n 9110


    new zealand Advanced Flight

    2014-10Advanced Flight Ltd at Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand from Oct14 First H145 in Australia Pacific Region Goes to NZ
    2018-11-10 North Shore, Auckland
    2018-11-27 Tokoroa, Waikato
    2018-12-05 North Shore, Auckland
    2018-12-08 Tokoroa, Waikato
    2018-12-09 Devonport, Auckland
    2019-01-08 Ardmore, Auckland
    2019-02-08 Southdown, Auckland
    2019-03-11 Takapuna, Auckland
    2019-04-10 North Shore, Auckland
    2019-05-14 Southdown, Auckland
    2019-07-29 Southdown, Auckland
    2019-09-12 Southdown, Auckland
    2019-10-13 Ardmore, Auckland
    2019-11-14 Auckland, Auckland
    2019-12-14 Auckland, Auckland
    2020-01-20 Southdown, Auckland
    2020-02-19 Southdown, Auckland
    2020-03-22 North Shore, Auckland
    2020-04-29 Southdown, Auckland
    2020-06-07 Tokoroa, Waikato
    2020-06-16 North Shore, Auckland
    For VH-HPL see also:
        2008 beta II c/n 4367


    australia Australia Air Ambulances

    2020-07-22AYSSYCareflight NSW from Jul20 CareFlight New South Wales
    2021-02enter service in the Greater Sydney area CareFlight New South Wales First Australian H145 Ambulance for CareFlight
    2021-02-11 CFH3 Bankstown, New South Wales
    2021-03-14 CFH3 Wentworthville, New South Wales
    2021-04-06 Young, New South Wales
    2021-04-07 CFH3 Sydney, New South Wales
    2021-04-08 CFH3 Parkes, New South Wales
    2021-04-10 CFH3 Wentworthville, New South Wales
    2021-07-05 Bankstown, New South Wales
    2021-08-04 CFH3 Wentworthville, New South Wales

    Call sign for this aircraft: CFH3

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