AgustaWestland AW189

C/N 92005

Built 2014

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92005 Register G-MCGS used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92005 Register G-MCGS used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location
By Steve Mills

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92005 Register G-MCGS used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

AgustaWestland AW189 92005 flight track ads-b

AgustaWestland AW189 CG175    flight track ads-b

Aircraft History


united kingdom AgustaWestland UK

2015-03AgustaWestland Mar15-Sep16

united kingdom Bristow

2016-09Bristow from Sep16, for Coastguard

united kingdom HM Coastguard

HM CoastGuard from Jan17 at Solent District Solent District
2015-07-11 A EGDY - Yeovilton, England
2016-08-24 B EGHG - Yeovil, England
2016-11-10 C EGKA - Shoreham-by-Sea, England
2017-06-24 D EGHF at the old HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent airfield on final approach to the coastguard base

2018-11-08 GMCGS Christchurch, England
2018-11-10 D EGHFas /Coastguard 175 Solent Solent District
GMCGS Lee-on-Solent, England
2018-12-10 CG175 , Offshore UK
2019-01-09 Gosport, England
2019-02-02 D EGHF rescued glider pilot stuck in trees in Sussex Glider Pilot Rescued by Solent’ AW189
2019-02-18 CG175 Portsmouth, England
2019-03-25 CG175 Yarmouth, England
2019-04-29 CG175 Brockenhurst, England
2019-05-29 Emsworth, England
2019-07-03 CG175 , Offshore UK
2019-07-08 CG175 Wittering, England
CGGS Scarborough, England
2019-08-08 CGGS Rhyl, Wales
CGGS Wroughton, England
2019-08-09 CG175 Richborough, Offshore UK
2019-08-10 CG175 Swanage, Offshore UK
2019-08-11 E EGG50as Solent /Rescue175 at St Mary's Hospital after assist of yachtsman with RNLI Lymington Lifeboat Solent District

2019-08-12 Gosport, England
2019-08-27 CG175

2019-09-06 CG175 Gosport, England

CG175 Bournemouth, England
2019-10-08 Lee-on-Solent, England
2019-11-11 Gosport, England
2019-12-18 CG175 Southampton, England
2020-01-17 CG175 Lancing, Offshore UK
2020-01-24 CG175 St. Athan, Wales
2020-02-15 CG175 Worthing, England
2020-02-29 CG175 Wolverhampton, England
CG175 Workington, Offshore UK
2020-03-31 Prestwick, Offshore UK
2020-04-18 CG199 Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
2020-05-03 F EGDX St. Athan sector
Swansea, Wales
2020-06Lee-on-solent as /CG175 Solent District
2020-06-07 St. Athan, Wales
2020-07-09 Poole, England
2020-08-26 Lee-on-Solent, England
2020-09-12 Portland, England
Bournemouth, England
2020-09-30 CG175 Colchester, England
CG175 Guernsey, Channel Islands
2020-10-08 CG175 Chichester, England
2020-10-22 CG175 Jersey, Channel Islands JE
2020-10-25 Intercepting crude oil tanker Nave Andromeda after security incident on board
CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2020-11-24 Lee-on-Solent, England
2020-12-24 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-01-23 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-02-22 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-03-24 Swanage, Offshore UK
2021-04-23 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-05-23 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-06-19 CGGS Keswick, England
2021-06-22 CG151 Inverness, Scotland
2021-07-22 R151 Inverness, Scotland
2021-08-22 Inverness, Scotland
2021-11-17 BHL200M Aberdeen, Scotland
2021-11-23 North Shields, England
CG163 Lydd, England
2021-11-26 CG175 St Anne, Channel Islands
2021-12-26 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2022-01-05 Irvine, Scotland
2022-02-09 CGGS Jurby, Isle of Man IM
CGGS Aberystwyth, Wales
2022-02-12 CG187 Chard, England
2022-03-14 CG187 St. Athan, Wales
2022-03-31 flew over West Cumbria
Welshpool, Wales
Cumbernauld, Scotland
2022-04-01 Inverness sector
2022-04-06 Inverness, Scotland
2022-04-22 Block 21/25, Gannet field, Offshore UK
Dufftown, Scotland
2022-05-22 Inverness, Scotland
2022-06-15 CGGS Stranraer, Scotland
CGGS Brecon, Wales
2022-07-09 CG187 Penzance, Offshore UK
CG187 St. Athan, Wales
2022-07-19 MCGS Royal Tunbridge Wells, England
2022-08-18 CG163 Dover, England
2022-08-23 CG190 Lutterworth, England
CG190 Block 110/2, Morecambe Bay Fd, Offshore UK
2022-08-28 R199A Glasgow, Scotland
R199A Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
2022-08-29 R199E Glasgow, Scotland
2022-09-21 CG176 Lancaster, England
CG176 Banbury, England
2022-09-26 CG163 Sandwich, England
2022-10-19 CG163 Bath, England
2022-11-28 East Cowes, England
2022-12-28 CG175 Ventnor, England
2023-01-27 CG175 Sandown, England
2023-02-13 CG176 Shrewsbury, England
CG176 Stranraer, Scotland
2023-02-14Rescue 199 Prestwick sector
2023-02-15 R199A Brodick, Scotland
2023-02-28 CG151 Inverness, Scotland
2023-03-08 CG152 Kilmarnock, Scotland
2023-03-14 CG151 Forres, Scotland
2023-03-16 R151A Glasgow, Scotland
2023-03-17 CG151 Tain, Scotland
2023-03-21 CG190 Paisley, Scotland
2023-03-30 Tain, Scotland
2023-03-31 R151E Glasgow, Scotland
2023-04-01 CG151 Golspie, Scotland
2023-04-03 CG199 , Scotland
2023-04-14 R151 Block 11/30, Beatrice Field, Offshore UK
2023-04-28 R151A Glasgow, Scotland
2023-04-29 Tain, Scotland
2023-05-05 R151A Glasgow, Scotland
2023-05-06 R151A Golspie, Scotland
2023-05-13 CG151 Kilmarnock, Scotland
2023-05-18 Inverness, Scotland
2023-06-08 G EGPE flying back to Inverness Airport on the afternoon
CG151 Inverness, Scotland
2023-07-08 Inverness, Scotland
2023-07-29 CG199 Kilmarnock, Scotland
2023-08-28 R199A Ayr, Scotland
2023-09-20 CG152 Inverness, Scotland
2023-09-26 CGGS Ayr, Scotland
CGGS Blackburn, England
CGGS Bedford, England
2023-10-04 CGGS Weston-super-Mare, England
2023-10-25 CG163 Lydd, England
2023-10-27 CGDGS Henstridge, England
2023-11-26 CG187 Cardiff, Wales
2024-01-14 Lee-on-Solent, England
2024-02-01 SRD187 Swansea, Wales
2024-02-04 CGGS Chichester, England
2024-02-22 SRD187 Bridgend, Wales
2024-03-23 SRD187 Lilstock, England
2024-04-13 SRD187 Harlech, Wales
2024-04-14 SRD187 Taunton, England
2024-05-04 SRD187 Penzance, Offshore UK
SRD187 Bridgend, Wales
2024-05-16 SRD187 Penzance, Offshore UK
SRD187 St. Athan, Wales
2024-05-19 SRD187 Bangor, Wales
2024-05-20 SRG187 Avonmouth, England
2024-05-27 SRD187 Bangor, Wales
SRG187 Cowbridge, Wales
2024-05-30 SRG187 Colwyn Bay, Wales
SRG187 St. Athan, Wales
SRG187 Bangor, Wales
SRG187 St. Athan, Wales
2024-06-16 SRG187 Fenland, England
SRG187 Block 42/13, Breagh Field, Offshore UK
SRG187 St. Athan, Wales
SRG187 Humberside, England
2024-06-17 SRG187 Newent, England
2024-06-22 SRD187 Perranporth, Cornwall
2024-06-23 SRG187 Newport, Wales
2024-06-25 SRD187 St. Athan, Wales

Call sign for this aircraft: AGUSTAWE BHL200M BHL201A CG151 CG152 CG163 CG164 CG174 CG175 CG175 CG176 CG187 CG188 CG190 CG199 CGDGS CGGS GMCGS MCGS R151 R151A R151E R199 R199A R199E SRD163 SRD175 SRD187 SRD188 SRG163 SRG175 SRG187 SRG188 U

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