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  • AgustaWestland AW189

    c/n 92006

    Year 2014

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92006 Register G-MCGT used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92006 Register G-MCGT used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location
    By Graham Bell

    AgustaWestland AW189 CG199    flight track ads-b


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    united kingdom AgustaWestland UK

    2015-03AgustaWestland Mar15-Feb17
    united kingdom Bristow


    2017-02Bristow from Feb17, for Coastguard
    united kingdom HM Coastguard


    2017-05AEGPKHM CoastGuard from at Prestwick Prestwick sector Coastguard Prestwick Received AW189
    2017-05-0909may17 at Fort William, Scotland

    2018-11AEGPK as /Coastguard 199 at Prestwick Prestwick sector
    2018-11-09 CG199 Glasgow, Scotland
    2018-11-24 CG199 Barrow-in-Furness, England
    2018-11-29 CG199 Dumbarton, Scotland
    2019-03-30 CG199 Ayr, Scotland
    2019-04-16AEGPK as /Rescue199 at Prestwick Prestwick sector
    CG199 Greenock, Scotland
    2019-05-01 CG199 , Scotland

    2019-06-01 CG199 Glasgow, Scotland
    2019-07-06 Isle of Arran, Scotland
    2019-07-23 CG199 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
    2019-07-27 CG199 Knockdow, Scotland
    2019-08-26 CG199 Dumfries, Scotland
    2019-09-2020sep19 at Jennings Park, Newry, Northern Ireland
    CG199 Belfast, Northern Ireland
    2019-09-28 CG199 Helensburgh, Scotland
    2019-10-28 CG199 Ayr, Scotland
    2019-12-16 CG199 , Scotland
    2020-01-26 Carlisle, England
    2020-02-27 CG199 Rosyth, Scotland
    2020-02-29 CG199 Manchester, England
    2020-04-09 CGGT Gosport, England
    2020-04-16 Prestwick, Offshore UK
    2020-05-17 Prestwick, Offshore UK
    2020-06-18 Larne, Northern Ireland
    2020-07-16 Glenrothes, Scotland
    2020-07-18 CG199 Barrow-in-Furness, England
    2020-07-23AEGPK Prestwick sector
    CG199 Prestwick, Scotland
    2020-08-02 CG199 Preston, England
    2020-08-03 Prestwick, Offshore UK
    2020-09-03 CG199 Prestwick, Scotland
    2020-10-19 Largs, Scotland
    2020-11-21 CG199 Workington, Offshore UK
    2020-12-08 Inner Hebrides, Scotland
    2020-12-22 CG199 Carlisle, England
    2021-01-04 CGGT Swindon, England
    2021-02-26 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
    2021-03-05 Antrim, Northern Ireland
    2021-03-09 CG199 Glenrothes, Scotland
    2021-04-17 Workington, Offshore UK
    2021-05-17 CG199 Glasgow, Scotland
    2021-06-16 Prestwick, Offshore UK
    2021-07-07 CG199 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
    2021-07-09 CG199 Stirling, Scotland
    2021-07-12 Belfast, Northern Ireland
    2021-07-14 CG199 Edinburgh, Scotland
    2021-08-11 CG199 Barrow-in-Furness, England
    Knockdow, Scotland
    2021-08-13 CG199 Boulmer, England
    2021-08-22 CG199 Wick, Scotland
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    2021-10-19 Prestwick, Scotland
    2021-11-19 CG199 Isle of Arran, Scotland
    2021-12-21 Oban, Scotland
    2022-02-03 Gosport, England
    2022-02-08 CGGT Ayr, Scotland
    2022-03-14 Irvine, Scotland
    2022-04-13 CG199 Kilmarnock, Scotland
    2022-05-17 CG199 Stranraer, Scotland
    2022-05-19 CG199 Alnwick, England
    2022-05-20 CG199 Campbeltown, Scotland
    2022-06-21 CG199 Isle of Arran, Scotland
    2022-07-14 CG199 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
    2022-07-16 CG199 Stranraer, Scotland
    2022-08-01 CG199 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
    2022-08-06 CG199 Larne, Northern Ireland
    2022-08-07 Ayr, Scotland

    Call sign for this aircraft: CG175 CG190 CG199 CGGT

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