Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk

C/N 70-250

Helicopter Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk Serial 70-250 Register N605PG N230AA 80-23492 used by PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) ,PJ Helicopters PJH ,Arista Aviation ,US Army Aviation Army. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa US Army Aviation

US Army
2006 2-135th AVN Nebraska Army National Guard Nebraska National Guard
1999-05-21 A BARAJ asg SFOR MND North Tuzla, Bosnia/Sarajevo/Camp Rajlovac
2015-05-17 B KHUA UH-60A(AA) type asg Co C 2-135Th Avn Nebraska Army National Guard visit Huntsville Intl Airport, AL Nebraska National Guard


usa State of Alabama

Sikorsky Commercial UH-60 Aircraft Investment Holdings Llc at Enterprise, AL from Oct15 Arista Aviation
2017-03 Arista Aviation at Enterprise, AL by Mar17 Arista Aviation

usa PJ Helicopters

Sikorsky Commercial UH-60 Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA Sep18-Feb19


usa State of California

Sikorsky Commercial UH-60 Pacific Gas and Electric Co at San Francisco, CA from Feb19
PG&E, op by PJ Helicopters PG&E
2019-05-26 San Martin, California
2019-07-08 Placerville, California
2019-08-12 Davis/Woodland/Winters, California
2020-01-28 Oroville, California
2020-03-02 Red Bluff, California
2020-03-12 San Carlos, California
2020-03-21 Red Bluff, California
2020-03-29 Walnut Creek, California
2020-04-04 Willows, California
2020-05-04 Red Bluff, California
Placerville, California
2020-05-06 Willows, California
2020-05-07 San Martin, California
2020-05-08 Red Bluff, California
2020-05-15 Stockton, California
2020-05-16 Paso Robles, California
Stockton, California
2020-05-17 Red Bluff, California
2020-07-30 Clearlake, California
2020-08-12 Watsonville, California
2020-08-13 Clearlake, California
2020-08-17 Watsonville, California
2020-09-14 Clearlake, California
2020-10-18 St. Helena, California
2021-03-24 Colusa, California
2021-04-27 Fairfield, California
2021-05-27 Emigrant Gap, California
2021-07-13 Willows, California
2021-07-14 Hayward, California
2021-07-31 Red Bluff, California
Sacramento, California
2021-08-21 Paso Robles, California
2021-08-24 Columbia, California
2021-08-29 Chester, California
Columbia, California
2021-09-20 Clearlake, California
2021-11-10 Chico, California
2022-05-10 Davis/Woodland/Winters, California
2022-05-11 Paso Robles, California
2022-05-13 Fairfield, California
2022-06-01 NW of Chico CA
Marysville, California
2022-07-18 St. Helena, California
2022-08-18 Fort Bragg, California
2022-09-30 Oroville, California
2022-10-31 Oroville, California
2022-11-16 Atwater, California
Oroville, California
2023-01-11 Chico, California
2023-01-20 Stockton, California
2023-02-01 Santa Maria, California
2023-02-10 Modesto, California
2023-02-15 Oroville, California
2023-04-04 Red Bluff, California
2023-04-26 Fairfield, California
2023-05-06 Red Bluff, California
2023-05-19 Napa, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-05-20 Napa, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-05-21 Oakland, California
2023-05-22 Red Bluff, California
2023-06-19 Placerville, California
2023-06-21 Chico, California
2023-06-22 Placerville, California
2023-06-27 Red Bluff, California
2023-06-28 Columbia, California
2023-06-30 Red Bluff, California
2023-07-12 Fairfield, California
Santa Maria, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-07-13 Santa Maria, California
Livermore, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-07-26 Stockton, California
2023-07-28 Red Bluff, California
2023-08-16 Napa, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-09-06 Novato, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-09-07 C KMFR Medford, Oregon
Redding, California
Medford, Oregon
2023-09-08 Redding, California
2023-09-11 Emigrant Gap, California
2023-09-29 Novato, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-10-14 Fairfield, California
Bakersfield, California
2023-10-15 Modesto, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-10-21 Sacramento, California
Bakersfield, California
2023-10-22 Columbia, California
2023-10-29 Oroville, California
2023-11-06 San Martin, California
2023-11-08 Willows, California
Watsonville, California
2023-11-10 Chico, California
Columbia, California
Red Bluff, California
2023-11-19 Columbia, California
Chico, California
2024-01-23 Chico, California
Stockton, California
2024-01-27 Chico, California
Modesto, California
2024-03-23 Red Bluff, California
2024-04-22 Redding, California
2024-05-11 Placerville, California
Red Bluff, California
2024-06-02 Walnut Creek, California
Red Bluff, California
2024-06-03 Walnut Creek, California
Red Bluff, California
Livermore, California
2024-06-07 Chico, California
2024-06-09 Modesto, California
Yuba City, California
Hanford, California
2024-06-10 Willows, California
2024-06-13 Placerville, California
Red Bluff, California
2024-06-14 Placerville, California
Red Bluff, California
2024-06-15 Columbia, California
2024-06-17 Red Bluff, California
Placerville, California
2024-06-18 Red Bluff, California
2024-06-19 Monterey, California
2024-06-20 Placerville, California
2024-07-15 Red Bluff, California
2024-07-18 Red Bluff, California

Call sign for this aircraft: N605PG

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