MBB Bk117A-3

This model is a version of Bk117

c/n 7061

Helicopter MBB Bk117A-3 Serial 7061 Register N117CH N143AM N312LS N504LH N950MB ZK-IVB used by Omniflight State of Indiana MBB Helicopter Corp Airwork NZ Garden City Helicopters (GCH Aviation Ltd). Aircraft history and location


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usa N950MB
MBB Helicopter Corp
MBB, test serial D-HBNI
For N117CH see also:
    1987 bk117a4 c/n 7123
to N312LS
to N504LH
usa N504LH
State of Indiana
For N504LH see also:
    2005 ec135t2 c/n 0382
Lutheran Air, noted Jun07 Lutheran Air
usa N143AM
Omniflight Helicopters Feb08-Apr14
new zealand ZK-IVB
Airwork NZ
Airwork NZ BK117-850D2
Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
new zealand ZK-IVB
Garden City Helicopters
nov14 NZ Christchurch Garden City Helicopters at Christchurch airport from

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