Westland dragonfly

c/n wa/h/088

Year 1953

Helicopter Westland dragonfly Serial wa/h/088 Register WP503 used by Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy). Built 1953. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom WP503
Fleet Air Arm
built 1953, Eagle SAR Flt by Oct 1953
Lossiemouth Stn Flt
RAF North Coates for Orange Yeoman radar calibration duites
RAE Bedford, final flight 1962
united kingdom WP503
Fleet Air Arm
UK Stansted G I Airframe ( 1973 )
to CAA Fire School Stansted by 1973
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1976
UK Elsham Exhibit ( 16-jun-76 )
to Humberside Aviation Museum in Jun 1976, wearing /901, until 1981.
UK Cleethorpes Exhibit ( 1981 )
to Bomber County Aviation Museum 1981, until 1996.
UK Capernwray Diving wreck ( apr-96 )
Sunk in lake at Capernwray Diving Centre, Lancs by Apr 1996.

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