Aerospatiale SE3130 Alouette II

This model is a version of Alouette II

c/n 1237

Year 1959

Helicopter Aerospatiale SE3130 Alouette II Serial 1237 Register HB-XBM V-49 used by Heliswiss International AG Schweizer Luftwaffe (Swiss Air Force). Built 1959. Aircraft history


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switzerland V-49
Schweizer Luftwaffe
Swiss AF, to HB-XBM
switzerland HB-XBM
Heliswiss International AG
Heliswiss / Schweiz.Eidgenossenschaft Apr/Aug 1961 for Evian conference, rtn AF
preserved at Flieger-Flab-Museum, Dübendorf airbase, Zurich, Germany

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