AgustaWestland AW139

c/n 31622

Year 2016

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 31622 Register MM81897 used by Guardia Costiera (Italian Coast Guard). Built 2016. Aircraft history and location


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italy Guardia Costiera

2016-01Guardia Costiera 11-09 d/d Jan16
2016 3 SVE
2018 2 SVE
2019-01-15 NEMO09 Palermo, Sicily
2019-02-112018 in tv show Inspector Montalbano season 13 episode 1 L'altro capo del filo ( The other end of the thread ) first aired 11feb19 operating with offshore patrol vessel Luigi Dattilo (CP 940), with a storyline concerning Syrian refugees Inspector Montalbano (1999-2018)
2019-02-26 NEMO09 Bari, Apulia
2019-03-01 I1897 Lamezia Terme, Calabria
I1897 Bari, Apulia
2019-04-12 PROVA16 Rome, Lazio
2019-04-18 NEMO09 Catania, Sicily
NEMO09 Pomezia, Lazio
2019-05-31 I1897 Athens, Attiki GR
2019-07-03 RIMA Reggio Calabria, Calabria
2019-08-15 NEMO09 Bari, Apulia
2019-08-17 Caltanissetta, Sicily
2019-10-02 I1897 Rome, Lazio
I1897 Reggio Calabria, Calabria
2019-10-18 I1897 Rome, Lazio
2019-11-30 Ragusa, Sicily
2020-02-20 Rome, Lazio
2020-05-19 RIMA Palermo, Sicily
2020-05-20 Ragusa, Sicily
2020-06-25 RIMA Augusta, Sicily

Call sign for this aircraft: I1897 NEMO09 PROVA16 PROVA23 RIMA

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