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    c/n 5008

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H175 / EC175 Serial 5008 Register G-NHVG OY-HLV OO-NSG used by NHV Helicopters Ltd NHV UK ,DanCopter ,NHV NHV Aberdeen. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H175 / EC175 Serial 5008 Register G-NHVG OY-HLV OO-NSG used by NHV Helicopters Ltd NHV UK ,DanCopter ,NHV NHV Aberdeen. Aircraft history and location

    Airbus Helicopters H175 / EC175 NHD601   flight track ads-b

    Airbus Helicopters H175 / EC175 DOP625   flight track ads-b


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    belgium NHV

    NHV, test serial F-WJXG
    2017-01-11AEGPD around Aberdeen, Scotland NHV Aberdeen


    denmark DanCopter

    Dancopter / NHV
    2018-09-24BEDHI at Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport, Germany

    2018-11-27 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2018-12-27 DOP616 Holsted, Syddanmark
    2019-01-09 DOP625 Blocks 5505/13 - 5505/17, Offshore Denmark

    2019-02-08 DOP911 , Syddanmark
    2019-03-28 DOP649 , Syddanmark
    2019-04-22 Block 5504, Offshore Denmark
    2019-06-03 Esbjerg, Offshore Denmark
    2019-07-09 DOP911 Esbjerg, Offshore Denmark
    2019-08-08 DOP603 Esbjerg, Offshore Germany DE
    2019-08-28 NHD601 Esbjerg, Syddanmark

    2019-10-13 NHD002 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2019-11-12 NHD603 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-01-02 NHD001 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-02-03 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-03-04 NHD669 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-04-10 NHD202 Esbjerg, Offshore Germany DE
    2020-05-14 NHD621 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-06-02 Block 5504/11, Offshore Denmark
    2020-06-04 NHD911 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-07-06 NHD607 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-07-31 Block 5505, Offshore Denmark
    2020-08-01 NHD641 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-09-10 NHD201 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    NHD201 , Offshore Germany DE
    2020-09-16 NHD608 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-09-21 NHD641 Block 5505/13, Offshore Denmark
    2020-09-22 NHD911 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    NHD913 Block 5604/29, Offshore Denmark
    2020-09-23 NHD871 Esbjerg, Offshore Denmark
    2020-10-27 NHD607 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-11-26 NHD601 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-12-14 Aberdeen, Scotland UK


    united kingdom NHV Helicopters Ltd

    2020-12-23CEGSHNHV Helicopters Ltd from Dec20
    2021-01-14 Block 42/13, Breagh Field, Offshore UK
    NHZ725 Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-01-16 Block 29/5B, Elgin/Franklin Fd, Offshore UK
    2021-01-17 NHZ725 Blyth, England
    2021-01-18 NHZ622 Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-01-23 Block 29/5B, Elgin/Franklin Fd, Offshore UK
    NHZ652 Aberdeen, Scotland
    Aberdeen, Offshore UK

    Call sign for this aircraft: DOP601 DOP602 DOP603 DOP604 DOP605 DOP606 DOP607 DOP608 DOP609 DOP610 DOP611 DOP612 DOP615 DOP616 DOP625 DOP626 DOP630 DOP632 DOP649 DOP650 DOP669 DOP670 DOP871 DOP872 DOP873 DOP874 DOP911 DOP912 DOP913 DOP914 NHD001 NHD002 NHD081 NHD082 NHD201 NHD202 NHD250 NHD601 NHD602 NHD603 NHD604 NHD605 NHD606 NHD607 NHD608 NHD609 NHD610 NHD611 NHD612 NHD621 NHD622 NHD623 NHD624 NHD625 NHD626 NHD627 NHD628 NHD629 NHD630 NHD640 NHD641 NHD642 NHD643 NHD644 NHD649 NHD650 NHD661 NHD662 NHD669 NHD670 NHD679 NHD851 NHD871 NHD872 NHD873 NHD873Y NHD874 NHD911 NHD911A NHD912 NHD913 NHD913Y NHD914 NHD916 NHZ622 NHZ651 NHZ652 NHZ654 NHZ725 NHZ730 606

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