NH Industries MRH90 Taipan

This model is a version of NH90

c/n 1194

Helicopter NH Industries MRH90 Taipan Serial 1194 Register A40-015 used by Australian Army Aviation (Australian Army). Aircraft history and location


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australia Australian Army Aviation

1194/TAUA15, test serial 98+96
2018-12-07 PSDN15 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
2019-02-19 PSDN15 Taylors Beach, Queensland
2019-04-01 PSDN15 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
2019-06-17 PSDN15 Newcastle, New South Wales
PSDN15 Wollongong, New South Wales
2020-01-02 East Sale, Victoria
HTRK Mallacoota, Victoria
2020-01-03 HTRK Melbourne, Victoria
HTRK Bairnsdale, Victoria
2020-01-04 HTRK Seymour, Victoria
2020-01-05 HTRK Bairnsdale, Victoria
2020-01-15 PSDN15 Luscombe, New South Wales
PSDN15 Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Call sign for this aircraft: HATRICK HTRK PSDN15

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