Eurocopter EC135P2+

C/N 0908

Built 2010 - Written off 2022

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 0908 Register N228MT N953AE used by Air Evac Lifeteam ,University of Florida Health ,Bayflite Air Medical (Bayfront Health) ,American Eurocopter (Eurocopter USA). Built 2010. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 0908 Register N228MT N953AE used by Air Evac Lifeteam ,University of Florida Health ,Bayflite Air Medical (Bayfront Health) ,American Eurocopter (Eurocopter USA). Built 2010. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa American Eurocopter

2010-10American Eurocopter Oct10, test serial D-HCBH


Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc at Santa Ana, CA Jan11-Apr12
2016-08-21 Lompoc Airport, Lompoc, CA making a private charter stop for some wine tasting.


Jetstream Aero Charters Llc at Costa Mesa, CA May12-Oct19
2016-06-12 A KSBA - Santa Barbara, California US
2017-07-02 B KSNA - Santa Ana, California US
2018-12-14 Romoland, California US
2019-02-01 Chino, California US
2019-03-26 Los Alamitos, California US
2019-05-17 Chino, California US
2019-06-19 , California US
2019-08-13 Santa Ana, California US
2019-09-06 Phoenix, Arizona US
2019-09-09 Farmersville, Texas US

usa Med Trans Corp

Med Trans Oct19-May20


usa Med Trans Corp

Axos Bank from May20
2022-12-13 Bridgeton, Missouri
2022-12-16 Terre Haute, Indiana
2022-12-20 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-02-06 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
2023-03-04 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
2023-03-26 Louisiana, Missouri
2023-04-01 Mount Vernon, Illinois
2023-05-01 Belleville, Illinois
2023-05-11 Clarksville, Tennessee
2023-05-12 Saint Louis, Missouri
Lawrenceville, Illinois
2023-05-15 O'Fallon, Illinois
2023-05-16 Terre Haute, Indiana
2023-05-19 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-06-20 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-07-20 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-08-16 Evansville, Indiana
2023-08-18 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-08-19 Evansville, Indiana
2023-08-22 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
2023-08-25 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
2023-08-31 St. Louis, Missouri
2023-09-16 Louisville, Kentucky
2023-09-17 St Louis, Illinois
2023-09-26 Belleville, Illinois

usa State of Florida

2020-03Bayflite Air Medical from Mar20, op by Med-Trans Bayflite Air Medical
2020-05-27 St. Petersburg, Florida
2020-06-27 St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida
2020-07-31 St. Petersburg, Florida
2020-09-01 Tampa, Florida
2020-10-08 Brooksville, Florida
2020-10-15 Port St. Lucie, Florida
2020-10-21 Tampa, Florida
2020-11-21 Tampa, Florida
2020-12-22 St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida
2021-01-23 Tampa, Florida
2021-02-23 Brooksville, Florida

usa Med Trans Corp

Med Trans Corp
2021-03-04 Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida
2021-03-25 Gainesville, Florida
2021-04-09 Panama City, Florida
2021-04-24 Gainesville, Florida
2021-04-29 Panama City, Florida
2021-05shands backup University of Florida Health
2021-05-04 Gainesville, Florida
2021-06-05 Gainesville, Florida
2021-07-05 Ocala, Florida
2021-08-04 Gainesville, Florida
2021-08-19 Tallahassee, Florida
2021-08-20 Gainesville, Florida
2021-09-21 Ocala, Florida
2021-10-11 Tallahassee, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
2021-10-13 St. Petersburg, Florida
2021-10-14 Gainesville, Florida
2021-10-17 Tallahassee, Florida
2021-10-18 Gainesville, Florida
2021-10-24 Tallahassee, Florida
2021-10-25 Gainesville, Florida
2021-11-04 Panama City, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
2021-11-12 Cullman, Alabama
St. Louis, Missouri
2021-12-12 St. Louis, Missouri
2022-01-12 St. Louis, Missouri
2022-01-22 Shelbyville, Illinois
2022-01-23 St. Charles, Missouri

usa Air Evac Lifeteam

Air Evac Life Team, Jefferson County, IL
to be confirmed Air Evac Lifeteam New Base in Jefferson County
2022-02-04 Shelbyville, Illinois
2022-03-06 Olney-Noble, Illinois
2022-04-09 St Louis, Illinois
2022-05-09 St. Louis, Missouri
2022-05-15 Evansville, Indiana
2022-05-16 Springfield, Illinois
2022-06-14 Carbondale/Murphysboro, Illinois
2022-06-16 Springfield, Illinois
2022-07-18 St. Louis, Missouri
2022-07-19 C KMVN accident w/o 19jul22 accident at Mount Vernon Airport, IL
Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois

Call sign for this aircraft: N228MT N953AE

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