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  • AgustaWestland AW189

    c/n 49029

    Year 2015

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 49029 Register A6-FHE LN-ODJ 9M-AWX VN-8629 used by Falcon Aviation Services FAS ,Bel Air Aviation ,Waypoint Leasing ,AgustaWestland Malaysia Sdn Bhd ,Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH. Built 2015. Aircraft history and location


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    For VN-8629 see also:
        2006 EC120B c/n 1436


    vietnam Vietnam Helicopter Company

    2016-07VNH South Jul16~2017, test serial I_EASO Waypoint AW189 on Lease to VNH South


    malaysia AgustaWestland Malaysia Sdn Bhd

    2017-09-04AYPADAgustaWestland Malaysia
    09apr17 in demo tour at Adelaide, Australia


    ireland Waypoint Leasing

    2017-08Waypoint from Aug17
    denmark Bel Air Aviation

    Bel Air Dec17-2019?
    2018-12-05 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2019-01-04 DOP603 , Syddanmark
    2019-02-05 Visby, Gotland SE
    2019-02-12 Kronoberg, Kronoberg SE
    Vandel, Syddanmark
    2019-02-15 DOP604 Blocks 5505/13 - 5505/17, Offshore Denmark
    2019-07-30 BBX100 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2019-09-12 Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    2020-01-29 Esbjerg, Syddanmark


    united arab emirates Falcon Aviation Services

    2020-04BOMAD, Abu Dhabi
    2020-05-11 Das Island,
    2020-06-10 Abu Dhabi,
    2020-07-10 Delma Island, Abu Dhabi
    2020-07-12 Abu Dhabi,
    2020-08-11 Abu Dhabi,
    2020-09-10 Das Island,
    2020-10-25 Sir Abu Nu'ayr, Sharjah
    2020-11-24 Abu Dhabi,
    2020-12-24 Abu Dhabi,
    2021-01-25 Das Island,
    2021-03-07 Das Island,
    2021-04-07 Sir Abu Nu'ayr, Sharjah
    2021-05-07 Das Island,
    2021-05-10 Das Island,

    Call sign for this aircraft: BBX100 BBX282 BBX292 BBX361 BBX363 BBX451 BBX452 DOP603 DOP604 DOP624 DOP627

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