Piasecki HUP-2 / UH-25B Retriever

This model is a version of PV-18

c/n 120

Year 1952 Scr 1963

Helicopter Piasecki HUP-2 / UH-25B Retriever Serial 120 Register 128566 used by US Marine Corps US Navy (United States Naval Aviation). Built 1952. Aircraft history and location


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usa US Navy

1952-11-10Piasecki PV-18, CN 120, ff:?
acc USN as HUP-2 128566, 10Nov52
xfer HS-4, Ream Field, 13Jan53
xfer NART Oakland, 19Jan55
Overhaul at O&R San Diego, 20Jun57
1959-01-08xfer NAF Monterey, 08Jan59
Overhaul at O&R San Diego, 06Jun60
xfer HTG-8, Ellyson Field, 28Dec60
xfer NABTC Pensacola, 14Jul61
xfer O&R Pensacola, 18Jan63
xfer O&R Norfolk, 09Feb63
SOC 15Oct63, TT 2363 hrs.
usa US Marine Corps

1958-02-10xfer MCAS SO&ES, El Toro, 10Feb58

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