Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+

This model is a version of ec135

c/n 1215

Year 2016

Helicopter Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+ Serial 1215 Register N321RX N325AH used by State of California Airbus Helicopters Inc (Airbus Helicopters USA). Built 2016. Aircraft history and location


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usa Airbus Helicopters Inc

Airbus Jun16, test serial D-HECH


usa State of California


East West Bank at Alpharetta, GA from Jun17
Reach Air Medical REACH Air Medical
2018-11-10 LREH1 St. Helena, California
2019-02-18 REH90 Murrieta Temecula, California
2019-03-18 REH90 Stockton, California
2019-04-15 REH91 Murrieta Temecula, California
REH91 Sacramento, California
2019-04-16 Murrieta Temecula, California
2019-04-30 REH91 Sacramento, California
2019-05-11 REH7 Ontario, California
2019-05-21 REH27 Modesto, California
2019-06-25 Hemet, California
REH91 Modesto, California
2019-06-26 REH27 Romoland, California
2019-07-11 REH90 San Martin, California
2019-07-21 REH01 Clearlake, California
2019-08-02 Murrieta Temecula, California
2019-08-08 Atwater, California
2019-08-14 REH7 Chico, California
2019-08-19 REH7 Livermore, California
2019-10-13 Murrieta Temecula, California
2019-11-15 REH27 Marysville, California
2020-02-08 REH91 Merced, California
2020-02-10 REH27 Hemet, California
2020-06-12 REH27 Santa Ana, California

Call sign for this aircraft: CMD02 CMD1 CMD14 CMD90 LREH1 REH01 REH1 REH17 REH27 REH7 REH90 REH91 REH92

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