Airbus Helicopters H145M / EC645T2

This model is a version of H145 / EC145T2

c/n 20096

Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H145M / EC645T2 Serial 20096 Register 76+09 D-HADV used by Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (Airbus Helicopters Germany). Aircraft history and location


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For D-HADV see also:
        h145 c/n 20003
        h145m c/n 20125
    2009 ec145 c/n 9311


germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH

Airbus Helicopters
For 76+09 see also:
        se3130 c/n 1563


germany Luftwaffe

Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
2016-09-12AETSI - Ingolstadt, Bavaria
2017-05-08BETSH - Holzdorf, Brandenburg
2017-06-08CLFRJ - Landivisiau, Bretagne, 29 Finistère FR
2017-06-10DETSA - Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria

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