Airbus H145D2 / EC145T2

C/N 20166

Built 2017

Helicopter Airbus H145D2 / EC145T2 Serial 20166 Register G-RMAA used by UK Air Ambulances MAAC (Midlands Air Ambulance) ,Babcock International Babcock ,Airbus Helicopters UK. Built 2017. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter Airbus H145D2 / EC145T2 Serial 20166 Register G-RMAA used by UK Air Ambulances MAAC (Midlands Air Ambulance) ,Babcock International Babcock ,Airbus Helicopters UK. Built 2017. Aircraft history and location
By Dave Taskis

Aircraft History


united kingdom Airbus Helicopters UK

Airbus Helicopters UK from 20sep17 d/d to Kidlington

united kingdom Babcock International

Babcock MCS onshore Ltd, for MAAC

united kingdom UK Air Ambulances

2017-10-03 A Royal Victoria DockMidlands Air Ambulance (MAAC)
04oct17 at Excel London for Helitech 2017 MAAC First H145 for Midlands Air Ambulance Helitech 2017

2018-02-20 B EGBJ delivery ceremony at Gloucestershire
to be operated by Babcock from RAF Cosford H145 Handed Over to Midlands Air Ambulance
2018-05 C EGWC Helimed 03 In use by Midlands Air Ambulance ( MAAC ) via Babcock MCS Onshore as Helimed 03 from Cosford MAAC
2018-11-07 HMED03 Cosford, England
2018-12-12 Cosford, England
2019-01-11 HMED03 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
2019-02-10 HMED03 Wolverhampton, England
2019-03-14 HMED03 Cosford, England
2019-04-13 HMED03 Stafford, England
2019-05-14 Cosford, England
2019-06-14 HMED03 Stafford, England
2019-07-14 HMED03 Stafford, England
2019-08-13 HMED03 Cosford, England
2019-09-15 HMED03 Worcester, England
2019-10-15 RDHD58 Stourbridge, England
2019-11-18 HMED03 Stafford, England
2019-12-20 HMED03 Cosford, England
2020-01-20 HMED03 Cosford, England
2020-02-19 Cosford, England
2020-03-20 HMED03 Cosford, England
2020-04-21 HMED03 Cosford, England
2020-05-21 HMED03 Telford, England
2020-06-20 Cosford, England
2020-08-30 HMED03 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
2020-09-29 Cosford, England
2020-10-29 Cosford, England
2020-11-30 HMED03 Telford, England
2020-12-30 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-01-29 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-03-01 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-03-31 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-04-30 Cosford, England
2021-05-30 Cosford, England
2021-06-29 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-07-29 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-08-28 Cosford, England
2021-09-28 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-10-29 HMED03 Cosford, England
2021-11-28 Cosford, England
2021-12-28 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-01-05 RHD04 Glasgow, Scotland
2022-01-11 RHD04 Ashton-in-Makerfield, England
2022-02-10 Cosford, England
2022-03-12 HMD03 Cosford, England
2022-04-12 Cosford, England
2022-05-12 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-06-12 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-07-12 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-08-11 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-09-10 HMED03 Cosford, England
2022-09-16 RHED09 Keswick, England
2022-09-26 HLE03 Cosford, England
2022-10-26 HLE03 Droitwich, England
2022-11-25 HLE03 Market Drayton, England
2022-12-29 HLE03 Cosford, England
2023-01-28 HLE03 Walsall, England
2023-02-27 HLE03 Cosford, England
2023-03-29 HLE03 Cosford, England
2023-04-28 HLE03 Cosford, England
2023-05-17 HLE03 Borrowdale, England
HLE03 Telford, England
2023-06-11 D EGBO Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport. Temporary base while Cosford Airshow takes place
Cosford, England
2023-10-09 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
2023-11-08 Telford, England
2023-12-18 Telford, England
2024-01-18 HLE03 Stafford, England
2024-02-17 Cosford, England
2024-03-18 HLE03 Stoke-on-Trent, England
2024-04-17 HLE03 Cosford, England
2024-05-17 HLE03 Telford, England
2024-06-16 HLE03 Stourbridge, England
2024-06-18 HLE03 Telford, England

Call sign for this aircraft: GRMAA HELIMD03 HLE03 HMD03 HMED03 HMED03 I ED03 RDHD58 REDHD01 REDHED02 RHD03 RHD04 RHD11 RHD58 RHD72 RHEAD04 RHED09

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