AgustaWestland AW189

C/N 92008

Built 2014

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92008 Register G-MCGV used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW189 Serial 92008 Register G-MCGV used by HM Coastguard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) ,Bristow ,AgustaWestland UK. Built 2014. Aircraft history and location

AgustaWestland AW189 92008 flight track ads-b

AgustaWestland AW189 CG163    flight track ads-b

AgustaWestland AW189 CG163    flight track ads-b

AgustaWestland AW189 92008 flight track ads-b

Aircraft History


united kingdom AgustaWestland UK

2017-03Leonardo MW Ltd Mar17-Feb18

united kingdom Bristow

2018-02Bristow from Feb18, for Coastguard

united kingdom HM Coastguard

2018-05HM Coastguard Feb18, op by Bristow
2018-11 A EGMD as /Coastguard 163 at Lydd Lydd sector
2018-11-07 CG163 Lydd, England
2018-12-08 CG163 Maidstone, England

CG163 Folkestone, England
2019-02-09 CG163 Southend, England
2019-03-11 CG163 Folkestone, England
2019-04-14 CG163 Eastbourne, Offshore UK
2019-05-20 Lydd, England
2019-06-20 CG163 Sangatte, Hauts-de-France FR
2019-07-03 CG163 Fenland, England
2019-07-06 CG164 Calais-Dunkerque, Hauts-de-France FR
CG164 Leiden, Zuid-Holland NL
CG164 Lydd, England
2019-08-06 CG163 Lydd, England
2019-09-07 CG163 Lydd, England
2019-10-30 CG190 Aberdeen, Scotland
2019-11-06 CG199 Prestwick, Offshore UK
2019-11-08 CGGV Richmond, England
2019-11-09 CGGV Lydd, England
2019-11-21 CG163 Kent, England

2019-12-21 CG163 Folkestone, England
2020-01-21 CGGV Lee-on-Solent, England
2020-01-29 CG163 Felixstowe, England
2020-01-31 CG163 Stockton-on-Tees, England
CG163 Huntingdon, England
2020-03-01 CG163 Dover, England
2020-03-31 CG163 Ashford, Kent, England
2020-04-15CG163 A EGMD Flying from Lydd airport, passing Sidcup, over Greenwich then a having a jolly down the length of the Thames, slowing over Battersea Park. Up to Heathrow (refuel?), Beaconsfield then back down over Ascot towards Woking. Looks like a site seeing trip in a £20mill copter! Tsk. Lydd sector
CG163 Lydd, England
2020-04-27 CG163 Lydd, England

2020-05-27 CG163 Lydd, England
2020-06-26 CG163 Lydd, England
2020-07-24 Kings Lynn, England
R163 Lydd, England
2020-08-06 Cowbridge, Wales
R163 Westminster, England
2020-10-14 CG175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2020-11-13 Lydd, England
2020-11-15 B EGC97 landed at Eastbourne Hospital after incident at the cuckmere river Lydd sector

Lydd, England

2020-12-15 Lydd, England
2021-01-15 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-02-14 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-03-16 Lydd, England
2021-04-01 Liskeard, Cornwall
CG163 London, England
2021-05-05 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-06-05 Lydd, England
2021-07-06 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-08-05 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-09-04 CG163 Lydd, England
2021-11-19 CG163 Lee-on-Solent, England
2021-12-06 CG163 Beccles, England
2021-12-28 Eastbourne, England
2022-01-27 CG163 Lydd, England
2022-03-03 CG163 Lydd, England
2022-04-02 Lydd, England
2022-05-04 CG163 Lydd, England
2022-06-03 Ventnor, England
2022-07-03 Lydd, England
2022-07-05 Snowhill, West Sussex
CG163 Ashford, England
2022-08-10 CG163 Eastbourne, Offshore UK
2022-09-09 CG163 Eastbourne, England
CG163 Lowestoft, England
2022-09-22 CG163 Newhaven, England
2022-10-23 CG163 Folkestone, England
2022-11-13 CG163 Compton Abbas, England
CG163 Lydd, England
2022-12-13 CG163 Maidstone, England
2023-01-12 CG163 Herne Bay, Offshore UK
2023-01-26 CG163 Malmesbury, England
CG163 Ashford, Kent, England
2023-02-21 CGGV St. Athan, Wales
CG175 Royal Tunbridge Wells, England
2023-02-24 CG188 Weston-super-Mare, England
2023-03-01 CG164 Newhaven, England
2023-03-07 CG163 St. Athan, Wales
2023-03-13 Folkestone, England
2023-03-16 CG175 Bournemouth, England
2023-03-25 CG187 Aberystwyth, Wales
2023-03-28 Stourpaine, Flying E > W
CG187 Weston-super-Mare, England
CG187 Lydd, England
2023-04-27 CG163 Ashford, England
2023-05-27 CG163 Lydd, England
2023-06-27 CG163 Ashford, England
2023-07-29 CG163 Ashford, England
2023-08-29 CG163 Lydd, England
2023-09-01 CG163 Fakenham, England
CG163 Lydd, England
2023-09-02 CG163 Boston, England
CG163 Folkestone, England
2023-09-08 CGGV Shaftesbury, England
2023-09-20 CG175 Maldon, England
2024-05-30 SRD175 Lee-on-Solent, England
2024-06-20 SRG175 Gosport, England

Call sign for this aircraft: CG163 CG163 CG164 CG175 CG176 CG187 CG188 CG190 CG199 CGGV GATNX 2M L MCGGV R163 R187E RSQ187 SRD175 SRG175

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