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  • Westland Scout AH.1

    This model is a version of Scout

    c/n f.9653

    Written off 1982

    Helicopter Westland Scout AH.1 Serial f.9653 Register XT647 used by Army Air Corps AAC (British Army). Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Army Air Corps

    1968I flew (as passenger - mechanic) in this helicopter across the Channel during the winter of 1969 (I think, - may have been 1968). We were flying back to England to have a new paint job done. Anyway, we ran into heavy snow and the pilot decided to turn back. On the way he noticed it seemed clear toward the North Sea and decided to attempt to fly around the snow. Everything seemed OK until the hazard warning lights came on - meaning we had only 11 minutes of fuel left with no land in sight! We discussed procedures for ditching but then saw land in the distance. The pilot made radio contact with Army Air Corp unit and we made it safely to land ( somewhere in Kent ). A mechanic then told us to get something hot to drink and proceeded to do a “turn round” service. After a few minutes he came into the canteen and signalled for me to follow him to the helicopter. He asked me if I knew how much fuel it held and I answered, “ Yeah, 1170 lbs.” He then showed me the dial on the fuel bowser - it read 1170 lbs.! He reckoned we must have had about a teacup full left !
    1982-09-28w/o 28sep82, Boscombe Down

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