Bristol Sycamore 4

This model is a version of Type 171 Sycamore

c/n 13388

Year 1956 to 1957

Helicopter Bristol Sycamore 4 Serial 13388 Register XG548 used by Royal Air Force Bristol Aeroplane Company. Built 1956. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom XG548
Bristol Aeroplane Company
16jun56 HR.14 5th Sycamore built at Weston-super-Mare, after production moved there in Feb 1956 (from Filton). ff 13 Jun 1956 Del RAF (JEHU) 16 Jun 1956.
united kingdom XG548
Royal Air Force
nov56 Operation Musketeer
JEHU by Oct 1956
JHU / 6, participated in Suez action Nov 1956 JEHU
united kingdom XG548
Royal Air Force
10jul57 UK AAC Middle Wallop Accident w/o 10 Jul 1957, rolled over during landing, while with JEHU. JEHU
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1957

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