Airbus Helicopters H135 / EC135T3

This model is a version of ec135

c/n 2011

Year 2017

Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H135 / EC135T3 Serial 2011 Register ZM512 G-CJXS D-HECQ used by Ministry of Defence (MoD) Airbus Helicopters UK Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (Airbus Helicopters Germany). Built 2017. Aircraft history and location


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For D-HECQ see also:
    1999 ec135p1 c/n 0136
    2017 ec135t3 c/n 2031


germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH


Manufacturers test serial
to UK


united kingdom Airbus Helicopters UK


Airbus, test serial D-HECQ


united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)


2017-10AEGOS Delivered DHFS UKFMTS Juno HT.1 /12 from Oct17 DHFS
2018-11-07 SYS50 Shawbury, England
2020-07-03 SYS74 Ternhill, England

Call sign for this aircraft: AFGHAN1 IRNMN1 IRNMN2 MAXMS1 SHARK1 SNTCH1 SNTCH2 SPECTR2 SWBLD01 SWBLD2 SYS02 SYS09 SYS096 SYS102 SYS103 SYS104 SYS105 SYS107 SYS108 SYS109 SYS11 SYS116 SYS118 SYS119 SYS12 SYS120 SYS121 SYS122 SYS123 SYS125 SYS127 SYS135 SYS145 SYS15 SYS16 SYS17 SYS22 SYS23 SYS24 SYS25 SYS26 SYS27 SYS28 SYS29 SYS30 SYS301 SYS302 SYS303 SYS31 SYS322 SYS323 SYS324 SYS325 SYS326 SYS340 SYS343 SYS347 SYS40 SYS41 SYS42 SYS44 SYS45 SYS46 SYS47 SYS49 SYS50 SYS51 SYS52 SYS53 SYS55 SYS56 SYS57 SYS58 SYS59 SYS601 SYS62 SYS63 SYS635 SYS66 SYS67 SYS670 SYS68 SYS69 SYS70 SYS705 SYS71 SYS72 SYS73 SYS74 SYS75 SYS76 SYS79 SYS80 SYS81 SYS82 SYS83 SYS84 SYS86 SYS87 SYS88 SYS89 SYS90 SYS91 SYS92 SYS93 SYS94 SYS96 SYS97 SYS98 SYS99 SYSA49

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