Westland Dragonfly HR.3

C/N wa/h/049

Built 1950

Helicopter Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Serial wa/h/049 Register WG718 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1950. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

HR.3 Del RN
705 Sq / 707-GJ by Nov 1952, damaged in accident 21 Aug 1953, repaired
Ark Royal SAR Flt / 990-O Mar 1955, Ark Royal SAR Flt / 971-O Dec 1955, until c Mar 1956
Warrior SAR Flt (loan ?) Oct 1956
Stored at Lee by Nov 1956
Culdrose Stn Flt / 913-CU by Nov 1957 until c Feb 1958
1958-03 A Donibristle Conv HR.5
Westland Dragonfly HR.5 Conversion to HR.5 at Donibristle between Mar and Nov 1958.
HR.5, Portland Stn Flt by Jun 1959 until c Nov 1959
Fleetlands store by May 1960
Lossiemouth Stn Flt /934-LM by Nov 1960
Fleetlands by Sep 1962
Boscombe Down by Jun 1963
Fleetlands store by Jan 1964.
1965-02-18 B EGDR SAH to A2531 and to SAH Culdrose 18 Feb 1965, (SoC Apr 1965) , until Feb 1971 SAH
1971-02-24 C EGDYto FAAM Yeovilton 24 Feb 1971 as parts source for restoration of WG719. Derelict by Jul 1972, still present Aug 1978.
1979-06-13 D EGFF Exhibit To Wales Aircraft Museum 13 Jun 1979, repainted as /934 by Aug 1979, until 1992.


1992 E EGBL Stored Stored at Long Marston from early , until Jul 1995.
1995-07-08 F EGYK Spares Spares use by Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group Jul 1995. (Spares source for WH991).

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