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  • AgustaWestland AW169

    c/n 69064

    Year 2018

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW169 Serial 69064 Register G-SASX used by Isles of Scilly Steamship Company ,Specialist Aviation Services SAS. Built 2018. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Specialist Aviation Services


    2018-04Specialist Aviation Services from Apr18, test serial I-EASL New AW169 Helicopter Service for Isles of Scilly
    united kingdom Isles of Scilly Steamship Company


    Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, op by SAS
    Island Helicopters
    united kingdom Specialist Aviation Services


    2018-01-0303jan18 at Dunsfold, Surrey
    2018-11-15 PLC08 Cheltenham, England
    2019-01-02 PLC08 Worcester, England
    2019-01-12 HLE64 Ashford, Kent, England
    2019-02-14 PLC08 Redhill, England
    2019-04-04 PLC01 Cheltenham, England
    2019-05-09 PLC01 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2019-05-15ABristol Royal Infirmary at Bristol Royal Infirmary helipad landing practice
    PLC33 Bristol, England
    2019-06-06 PLC08 Shoeburyness, England
    2019-06-18 PLC01 Cheltenham, England
    2019-07-24 AGUSTA61 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2019-09-06 SPEC33 Gloucester, England
    2019-09-11 PLC08 Jersey, Channel Islands JE
    2019-09-12 PLC08 Bath, England
    2019-10-15 PLC01 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2019-11-15 PLC01 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2019-12-16 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-01-15 PLE01 Oxford, England
    2020-02-19 PLC08 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-02-21BEGBJ21feb20 outside Specialist Aviation Services at Gloucestershire Airport
    2020-02-27 PLE01 Cardiff, Wales
    2020-03-09 PLC38 Rotherham, England
    2020-03-31 PLC38 Cardiff, Wales
    2020-05-05 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-06-05 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-06-25ABristol Royal Infirmaryas /Specialist 01 practice landings on the BRI helipad
    PLC01 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-07-25 PLC01 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-08-25 PLC66 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-09-15Armada House, Bristol
    PLC99 Bristol, England
    2020-10-15 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-12-08 Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
    2020-12-09Perranporth, Cornwall
    Perranporth, Cornwall
    2021-01-08 HLE01 Truro, Cornwall
    2021-02-07 HLE01 Newquay, Cornwall
    2021-02-18 Newquay, Cornwall

    Call sign for this aircraft: AGUSTA61 HLE01 HLE64 PLC01 PLC08 PLC17 PLC33 PLC38 PLC60 PLC66 PLC69 PLC99 PLE01 PLE38 PLE66 SPC33 SPCL66 SPE33 SPEC33

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