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  • Westland Dragonfly HR.3

    This model is a version of dragonfly

    c/n wa/h/056

    Year 1952

    Helicopter Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Serial wa/h/056 Register WG725 0020 used by Fleet Air Arm (RAN) RAN (Royal Australian Navy) ,Army Air Corps AAC (British Army) ,Royal Air Force RAF ,Ministry of Defence (MoD) Aeroplane & Armaments Experimental Establishment (A&AEE). Built 1952. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)


    1953-02-05 Flood relief Del Nov 1952
    A&AEE D Sq by Jan 1953
    sent to Holland for flood relief work Feb 1953. Aeroplane & Armaments Experimental Establishment Operation WaNo
    Spent some time as trials and research airframe, moving between Government establishments and manufacturers. Trials aboard HMS Centaur mid Jan 1959
    wfu Jun 1960
    united kingdom Royal Air Force


    1960-11AWeeton G I Airframe to Weeton as G I (7703M) Nov 1960
    1965-09BEGDX Stored ? to St Athan on closure of Weeton by Sep 1965.
    1970CEGDQto RAF Colerne (date ?) 7703M, still 1974. Moved to RAF Odiham.
    1976DEGVO Stored 7703M, to RAF Odiham on closure of RAF Colerne.
    united kingdom Army Air Corps


    1978-04EMuseum of Army Flying Exhibit to Museum of Army Flying by Apr 1978, until c Oct 1981.




    1981-10FEGMC Stored to Southend c Oct 1981 and reg N9987Q. Preparation for export to Venezuela AF, which collapsed. Stored until 1986.


    australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)


    1986-09GClodgey Lane Exhibit Sep 1986 to Cornwall Aero Park, restored and displayed as Navy WG754 / 912-CU. Still present Dec 1993.
    To Culdrose for dismantling by Feb 2000.
    2000HFAAM, Nowra Exhibit to FAA Museum, Nowra during

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