Cierva C.30

c/n 726

Year 1934

Helicopter Cierva C.30 Serial 726 Register G-ACUU G-AIXE HM580 used by Royal Air Force. Built 1934. Aircraft history


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C.30A built by AV Roe (1934 ?). Reg G-ACUU Jun 1934.
UK Southampton ( dec-46 )
to G-ACUU (Cierva Southampton) Dec 1946 for the Air Horse and Skeeter development programmes
sold as G-ACUU Apr 1950.
UK Birmingham Intl ( apr-50 )
sold as G-ACUU Apr 1950 to Elmdon
CoA expired Apr 1960
UK Staverton Exhibit ( 1963 )
to Skyfame Museum, Staverton from autumn 1963 until its closure on 2 Jan 1978
united kingdom HM580
Royal Air Force
impressed into RAF service May 1942.
united kingdom HM580
Royal Air Force
1448 Flt Sep 1940
529 Sq Jun 1943, accident Oct 1943
repaired and stored at Kemble by Nov 1945
G-AIXE ntu Nov 1946, reg subsequently re-used for an Avro Anson.
UK Duxford Exhibit ( feb-78 )
dispersed to IWM Duxford Feb 1978 when Skyfame Museum closed. Displayed as 529 Sq / KX-K, still there Mar 2018

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