Bell 212

c/n 30913

Year 1978 to 2007

Helicopter Bell 212 Serial 30913 Register P2-PAV LN-OQS G-GLEN used by Pacific Helicopters Lufttransport AS. Built 1978. Aircraft history and location


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1979-03Valley of Gleneagles Mar79
Autair International Oct83-Jul89
For LN-OQS see also:
        ab206a c/n 8296
    1977 s61n.mk2 c/n 61-760
    2016 s-92a c/n 92-0295


norway Lufttransport AS

1982-12-23Lufttransport AS at Tromsø
w/o 23dec82 totally destroyed at Kapp-Wijk, Svalbard. Crashed on final approach to the hunting Station
rebuilt in England and reg G-GLEN
to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea where it was written off after fire 12apr07
For P2-PAV see also:
    1979 212 c/n 30973


papua new guinea Pacific Helicopters

2007-04-12Pacific Helicopters from 1989
w/o 12apr07

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