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  • Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota

    This model is a version of EC145

    c/n 9803

    Year 2018

    Helicopter Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota Serial 9803 Register 18-72418 N456AH used by US Army Aviation Army ,Airbus Helicopters Inc (Airbus Helicopters USA). Built 2018. Aircraft history and location


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    usa Airbus Helicopters Inc

    2018-03Airbus Mar18
    Lakota livery


    usa US Army Aviation

    2018-11-17 PICK213 / N456AH Enterprise, Alabama
    2018-12-19 72418 Enterprise, Alabama
    2019-02-07 PICK300 Troy, Alabama
    2019-08-01 PICK320 Milton, Florida
    2019-09-06 WILD12 Enterprise, Alabama
    2019-10-09 Fort Rucker/Dothan, Alabama
    2019-1118J 1-223 AVN
    2019-11-06 PICK425 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2020-01-13 PICK379 Fort Rucker/Dothan, Alabama
    2020-02-12 PICK275 Crestview, Florida
    2020-03-16 PICK284 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2020-05-06 01172394 Fort Rucker/Dothan, Alabama
    2020-06-15 PICK240 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2020-08-03 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2020-09-08 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2020-11-04 01172418 Fort Rucker, Alabama
    2021-01-21 R72394 Enterprise, Alabama
    2021-02-22 Crestview, Florida
    2021-02-24 MEANY65 Crestview, Florida

    Call sign for this aircraft: 00000000 01172394 01172418 BELLS47 BOTOX46 MEANY65 MORPH35 N456AH PICK000 PICK202 PICK215 PICK229 PICK240 PICK241 PICK243 PICK257 PICK275 PICK284 PICK288 PICK294 PICK300 PICK315 PICK316 PICK318 PICK320 PICK333 PICK343 PICK357 PICK369 PICK379 PICK382 PICK408 PICK418 PICK425 PICK429 PICK443 PICK450 PICK460 PICK465 PICK480 PICK482 PICK495 PICK498 PICK499 PICK605 PICK614 R72394 R72418 SPARTN11 WEIRD96 WILD11 WILD12 72418

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