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  • Saunders Roe Skeeter 7

    This model is a version of Skeeter

    c/n S2/5085

    Year 1958 Scr 1985

    Helicopter Saunders Roe Skeeter 7 Serial S2/5085 Register G-BDNS XL769 used by Army Air Corps AAC (British Army). Built 1958. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Army Air Corps

    Del Army Dec 1958
    to 7981M
    1973 Composite Composite airframe: pod of XL769, mated with boom of XL738 by .
    1975AHandforthto Handforth by for restoration (potentially as G-BDNS).



    Restoration believed incomplete. Reg G-BDNS Jan 1976, cancelled by CAA in Aug 1985. Parts used in restoration of G-HELI.

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