Sikorsky YCH-54A

This model is a version of S-64 CH-54

c/n 64-009

Year 1965 to 1967

Helicopter Sikorsky YCH-54A Serial 64-009 Register 64-14207 used by US Army Aviation. Built 1965. Aircraft history


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usa 64-14207
US Army Aviation
Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-009, ff?
del US Army as YCH-54A 64-14207
w/o South Vietnam, 23Jun67.
usa 64-14207
US Army Aviation
I was ridding in the jump seat

notes On June 23 1967 I was ridding in the jump seat , when we were trying to lift out a dozer, and a mishap took place, during emergency shutdown. Our new company co applied the main rotor brake without apu running. We had no wheel brakes, and we spun around and went down a hill and aircraft was destroyed. If I ever see that sob I will promptly kick his butt. A perfectly fine aircraft was destroyed for no good reason. Am ok today , but spent 3 mos in hospital. Along with the other pilot who was one of the finest persons on the earth.

Sp4 Roger Merryfield

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