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  • Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe

    This model is a version of S-64 CH-54

    c/n 64-018

    Year 1967

    Helicopter Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe Serial 64-018 Register N229AC N4099Y 67-18416 used by Erickson ,US Army Aviation Army. Built 1967. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Army Aviation

    US Army CH-54A
    stor AMARC as HGxxxx?



    Silver Bay Logging Co


    usa Erickson

    Erickson S-64E Erickson Air Crane
    conv S-64E unk
    25jun10 crashed deep in the jungle near Long Pelutan, Baram, Malaysia whilst logging timber, killing the pilot William Charles Scott (51) and injuring the co-pilot Davit William Bergin (49)
    2010-06-2525jun10 accident in Sarawak,Malaysia during heli-logging. 1 fatality, 1 survived.
    2018 still reg, fate unk

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