Sikorsky HUS-1A / UH-34E

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-545

Year 1957 Scr 1974

Helicopter Sikorsky HUS-1A / UH-34E Serial 58-545 Register 144657 N9468 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation) Carson Helicopters. Built 1957. Aircraft history


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usa 144657
US Navy
Sikorsky HUS-1L / LH-34D
Sikorsky HUS-1A, cn 58-545, ff:?
del USN as HUS-1A, 144657, 31May57
conv HUS-1L, unk
xfer VXE-6, XD-25, unk
redesig LH-34D, Oct62
recoded XO-25, unk
soc NARF Pensacola, 27May69.
usa 144657
US Navy
Struck from Navy inventory 1969 NARF Pensacola and Sold to Stinson Field Aircraft in San Antonio TX
usa N9468
Carson Helicopters
Sikorsky S-58B
sold Stinson Field Aircraft, 08Dec70
sold Carson Services, Perkasie, PA as S-58, N9468, Apr74 as spare parts source.
carson services inc
Purchased from Stinson in April of 1974 by Carson Services Inc,Perkasie, PA. From Jeff Hill, Carson Helicopters: This was a purchase of eleven aircraft that were incomplete. We bought them for the transmissions and rotor heads, there were no engines or blades. These aircraft were never assembled as aircraft and have been scrapped

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