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  • Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe

    This model is a version of S-64 CH-54

    c/n 64-047

    Year 1968 to 1970

    Helicopter Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe Serial 64-047 Register 68-18445 used by US Army Aviation Army. Built 1968. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Army Aviation

    1970-07-24Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-047, ff?
    del US Army as CH-54A 67-18445 unk
    w/o 24Jul70.
    ALong Binh - Sanford AAF accident w/o , destroyed at Sanford AAF, Vietnam. Aircraft was undergoing M.O.C. after maintenance. While being run up, aircraft picked up and nosed over due to wrench left in flight control system. Aircraft was destroyed when M/R blades contacted the runway.

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